Corazon Latino

Dance Beyond Fiesta! Join the Corazon Latino Dance Troupe!

If your child is interested in learning Latin American folk dances with other youth and teens, and performing with Corazón Latino at the Festival of Nations in May 2018, please join us! Download the application form and other information here.

History and Philosophy

The Latin American Dance Troupe Corazón Latino grew out of the La Semana Culture Camp. Both are programs of Parents of Latin American Children (PLAC). Corazón Latino’s purposes are to retain and enhance the folk dance skills learned at Camp and to share this part of the Latin American culture with the community. It is a performance-oriented troupe with the ultimate goal of a highly polished performance. Participants who love to dance, and are willing to take direction and work hard toward that end are welcome. Our goal is to have every dancer perform.

Dances taught are authentic Latin American folk dances. At the discretion of the Dance Instructor, and with parental support, additional modern Latin American dances also may be taught.

Corazón Latino performs at the annual Festival of Nations in St. Paul on Friday, May 4, and sometimes also performs at other events.

Youth and Junior Dance Groups

Dancers are divided into two groups, depending on age and experience. The youth group is for dancers generally from second grade through sixth grade. The teen group is for dancers from 7th grade through 18 years old.

For more information about the dance troupe, contact