Los Alumnos

A Letter from Anna: Consider Joining Los Alumnos!

Bienvendidos Amigos –

La Semana doesn’t end just because you’ve graduated. Join Los Alumnos! Stay in touch with your La Semana friends. Come back and help during La Semana.

Alumni Training Guide 2012: Click to open (.pdf) 

As I have grown up with supportive adoptive parents I have come to realize there is no reason for the community which they shaped, Parents of Latin American Children (PLAC), to end after High School.

Angela Doering and I created Los Alumnos in 2002 for adopted adults and others who are former participants of PLAC activities. It is the only program under the umbrella of PLAC that is run by alumni so we too have a voice and are able to contribute to this organization in our own unique way: volunteering, being a positive role model for other children who are adopted and supportive to the new young adults as they find their own direction in this crazy place we call our home/world. 🙂

This includes former La Semana campers and past Dance Troupe dancers. Due to schedules growing up, this group recognizes that not everyone who was adopted had the choice or the knowledge of La Semana Culture camp. This is inclusive to those adopted adults who want to give back to the supportive community of PLAC.

This group is also for those who attended camp and who weren’t adopted but believe in the initial value of its inception: to create a place for Latino children and youth to learn about their heritage from Latinos in our communities, fall in love with their own culture and blend it with our new countries’ customs and new families.

–Tu Amiga, Anna (Wilhelmi) Palchizaca