Volunteer Information

Welcome to La Semana’s Volunteer Information Page. From here, you should be able to find the answers to most of your questions about the business of running La Semana camp and being a La Semana volunteer.

We need your help!

La Semana is powered entirely by volunteers. Interested in learning more about how you can contribute? Below are a list of La Semana volunteer positions as well as the Parents of Latin American Children board positions, applications to apply for those positions and other information about volunteering.

Please stop by the Volunteer table in the cafeteria to fill out an application or complete the form on the web and email it to info@lasemana.org and plac@lasemana.org.

General Camp Documents

Other Information

  • Federal Tax Exemption ID Number: PLAC’s Federal 501(c)(3) number is 41-1558076.
  • Telephone number: 612-208-PLAC (Normally set to go directly to voicemail. If you want to use this number for an event, call and leave a message.)
  • To add something to the website, send an email to webmaster@lasemana.org. Be sure to include the exact text of what you want posted and your contact information.
  • Address: We do not have an official mailing address. If you need to receive mail, you must use your own address.

Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration

La Semana is a member of the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration. Their website can be found at http://www.mavanetwork.org/ and offers a great deal of information that we, as camp organizers, may find useful. If you find that you need to log in to access something, send an email to info@lasemana.org for our username and password.