We have MANY openings that are critical to La Semana camp planning. Review the list below and find a role that you would be willing to take on! The B positions offer a camp discount as well as early registration.

B Positions:

  • Inclusion & Code of Conduct Coordinator
  • Crafts Coordinator
  • Fiesta Friday Night Manager
  • La Semana Market Coordinator

C Positions

  • Crafts Bin Leader for 7th Grade
  • Kitchen Certificate Holder (will take more than one for this role so that the week can be broken up).

Other open positions include:

  • Co-chair for Ayudantes
  • Communications Co-Chair
  • Operations Co-Chair
  • Daycare-7 Classroom Co-Chair
  • Specialty Assistant
  • Daycare-7 Program Co-Chair
  • Inventory Manager
  • Emergency Plan Coordinator
  • PLAC Corazon Latino Representative
  • Fiesta Operations Co-Chair
  • Fiesta DVD Coordinator
  • Fiesta Back Stage Manager
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Emergency Plan Coordinator
  • La Semana Secretary

To apply for one of these positions, please fill out a volunteer application (below) and mail it to  info@lasemana.org.

Volunteer application (Word)

Volunteer application (PDF)

Thank you!